How to Build an Internet Controlled Mars Rover

How to Build an Internet Controlled Mars Rover

 by mashorter



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Mini MarsRover on grass.gif
This Instructable will explain everything you need to know to build an internet controlled all terrain robot. This one just happens to be modelled on the Mars Curiosity rover. This robot is controllable from any internet enabled device so you can control this thing on the other side of the planet (or Mars if only it had the internet). This project is all powered by the amazing Electric Imp (an SD card sized device that allows you to connect anything to the internet) and an Arduino.

This project was created by Michael Shorter, Tom Metcalfe, Jon Rogers and Ali Napier at the Product Design Research Studio, Dundee.

What you will need:

6WD Wild Thumper Arduino Chassis –

Wild Thumper Arduino Controller –

LiPo Battery – 7.2V 5000mah 

3mm Acrylic

5mm Acrylic

10cm diameter drainpipe

35mm diameter pipe

aluminium rods

Electric Imp

Electric Imp breakout board

Some jumper cables

Skateboard grip tape

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Step 1: Building the Rover

rover explode.jpg
Attached are the Adobe Illustrator files to allow you to laser cut all the parts you need. There are three files in total. One file for all the 3mm thick parts, one for the 5mm thick parts and one for the grip tape parts.

Hopefully the images below give a good idea of how to stick the new chassis for your Wild Thumper 6WD together. 

The wiring of the Electric Imp to the Arduino is easy:
Imp pin 1 – Arduino pin 10
Imp pin 2 – Arduino pin 9
Imp pin 8 – Arduino pin 12
Imp pin 9 – Arduino pin 2

The Electric Imp will also need either 5V or 3.3V depending on your breakout board, as well as ground.

I decided to wire in a toggle switch in line with the battery to make it easy to turn on and off.


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