PPM Antenna Solutions for Military and Satellite Communication

PPM Antenna Solutions for Military and Satellite Communication

Under the VIaLite Communications brand, PPM antenna solutions* provide a range of proven antenna technologies for satellite communication, government agencies and defense contractors.  We have a large portfolio of standard products but also specialise in providing custom solutions. All antennas can be modified to meet customer requirements.

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Standard products and custom solutions
  • System integration
  • Environmental testing


RF Anechoic Chamber

PPM have an on-site RF anechoic chamber for testing antennas and filters.  The chamber is built into a screened room and populated with radiation absorbent material (RAM) in order to simulate free-space in a controlled RF environment. 

RF anechoic chamber


Military Antenna Solutions

Defense Applications

  • IED Defeat (RCIED)
  • Jamming and RF Inhibition (EW, ECM)
  • Detection and signal/communications intelligence (SIGINT, COMINT, ELINT)
  • Spectrum Surveillance
  • Military Satellite Communications (TACSAT)
  • Radio Communications including frequency hopping systems
  • Radar and Direction Finding (DF)
Antenna Types


Mobile Remote Antenna Solutions

PPM have developed a series of communications on the move (COTM) solutions using optical fiber which allow antennas to be remotely located for more secure and efficient communication.  These solutions integrate ViaLite RF over fiber technology with PPM filter and antenna expertise. 

  • Rapidly deployable  
  • Antennas can be optimally positioned without co-locating encrypted assets
  • Long link distances


Case Study – The SAS-230 (C2934-3)

The US Marine Corps were familiar with the “receive only” versions of our SAS-230 antenna. They liked its omni radiation pattern and its broad frequency range of 20MHz to 3GHz (dual band)and asked us if we could supply a high power passive version that could be used for detection and jamming. We did this, reinforced the internal vibration protection of the antenna to withstand a typical in-theatre environment and upped the power handling to 300W.  We have since shipped almost 10,000 units for deployment in a very short time-frame.



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