Military Antennas – Specification Summary

 Extremely Broadband Omnis – Vertically Polarised Omnis

 Extremely Broadband Omnis – SAS 230

 High Gain Tactical Antenna – ARA 3240

 Pistol Tactical Antenna – ARA 243P

 Sincgars VHF Antenna – ARA 0332

 VHF UHF Antenna – ARA 3925

 Tactical Antenna – ARA 2576

 Jamming Set – HMMWV

 Jamming Set – SUV

 Conical Monopole Antenna – CMP 727

 Wide Bandwidth Multi Port Omnidirectional Antenna – ARA 5800

 Manpack Antenna

 Satcom Vehicle Antenna – ARA 0548

 Satcom Vehicle Antenna – ARA 0548M

 Foldable Log Periodic Antenna – LPD 4510B

 Log Periodic Antennas

 Collapsible Reflector Directional Antennas – CPRA 118Image


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